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Accessories | Wide range of bags, backpacks, socks, watches and much more | WATCH WEAR
The selection of Watch Wear accessories is endless and selection is constantly updated. Shop our range of everyday bags and backpacks, stylish wrist watches and an massive selection of sunglasses online.
Trendy Rains backpacks and waterproof accessories have become the phenomenal part of streetwear across the globe. Modern and functional bags from Kapten & Son are designed for everyday comfort. Pinqponq backpacks are made from recycled plastic bottles.
Quay Australia ultra-stylish men’s and women’s sunglasses are just a fraction of our ever-expanding range of accessories. Le Specs innovative and iconic men’s and women’s sunglasses are popular amongst the most influential celebrities around the world. New arrival to our eyewear selection is CHIMI.
From our online store, and representative stores in Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki and Vilnius, you’ll find a wide selection of gift ideas for every event and every taste. Practical gifts for men, memorable gifts for women and the cutest gift boxes for the little ones. Happy Socks gives you plenty of inspiration for gift ideas.

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