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Bags | Stylish and practical backpacks, handbags and much more for women and men | WATCH WEAR
Check out the wide range of practical everyday bags from Watch Wear online store. From our selection you can find everything from smaller crossbody bags and practical backpacks, to functional gym and sports bags. Brands include Rains, Hvisk, Pinqponq and Kapten & Son.
Watch Wear is the official reseller and importer of Rains. From the brands’ selection of waterproof accessories you can find all you need for everyday comfort. Rains Backpack and Backpack Mini have become the signature styles of the brand and are available in tens of different colors. Rains waterproof and spacious cosmetic bags are an indispensable companion for both short and long trips. Check out the brands rain hats, cloves, wallets and much more.
HVISK is our newest brand for 100% vegan crossbody and handbags for women. Inspired by the lively streets of Copenhagen, the brand designs feminine accessories that are playful, colorful and detail-oriented. HVISK designs make the style of the wearer personal and unique.
Pinqponq recycled plastic backpacks, waist bags and hiking bags are the first step towards a better future where thoughtful consumption is in and fast fashion is not. Kapten & Son 100% vegan leather backpacks and chest bags have conquered the wardrobes of many famous figures. Check out the full selection and shop now at online store.

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