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Spring/Summer 2021 | Happy Socks collection

To those who never stopped dreaming of running away and joining the circus. The amateur acrobats who know that life is supposed to go up and down. This season, the stage is all yours. Take a bow.

The Happy Socks Spring/Summer 2021 collection lets the performing arts step into the spotlight under one, colorful and united flag. Together they will put on a big show that has something for every creative taste, and that will stay with you long after you’ve left your seat.

You can take a clown from the circus, but you can’t take the circus from a clown. The impossible-not-to-smile makeup. Bold harlequin and wide, wobbly  stripes are the shapes of choice. The decks of cards that made magic feel like the real deal. Fire breathing rabbits, and every color in, and over, the rainbow. Born to perform , this collection gives the clown’s classic bag of tricks a contemporary look.

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