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Colorful Standard

Organic clothing and merino wool accessories from Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard has raised the bar when it comes to sustainability. This Danish clothing brand started with the mission to change the clothing industry into a more environmentally conscious direction. Their T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants are made of high-quality oeko-tex certified organic cotton. Winter accessories, the hats and scarves, are made of recycled merino wool. The brand has taken a step further towards complete sustainability. They work in a zero-waste mindset, where every step of the production process is carefully analysed to minimise the impact to the environment.

Colorful Standard soft merino items are suitable for several seasons, as merino wool has many useful trans-seasonal properties. Perfect for both winter and summer. It is also known for its water repellent properties. It will keep you warm when it’s cold outside and cool when the weather is hot. Merino wool has antibacterial features and helps regulate your body’s temperature. It directs moisture away from the skin and maintains the thermal insulation of the wool even when the material is damp or wet.

The long-lasting new look of Colorful Standard products is achieved thanks to the well-thought-out choice of materials and the specifics of the production method. Safe for both the environment and your skin. All items are made in Portugal according to EU standards. The brand donates 5% of its revenue to charity.

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