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Organic sneakers for men and women from Veja

VEJA is a transparent footwear company who has been creating sneakers in a different way, mixing social projects, economic justice, and ecological materials. The idea behind a pair of VEJA is that one foot is in design and the other in social responsibility. For them, the sneaker is a symbol of our era and generation that crystallises the major issues of globalisation through its production, dissemination, and usage. They wanted to say that everything needed to be redone from scratch and nothing was to be taken for granted. One of the fundamental pillars that the brand is built on is Fair Trade.

The goal of VEJA is to design men’s and women’s sneakers that will stand the test of time. The attention they bring to each step of the manufacturing process is thorough. The purpose is to mix performance, bio-based and recycled materials. They use Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the canvas and laces, that is grown by farmers who harvest it with respect for people and the environment. Amazonian rubber that is used for the soles is bought 5 times the market price directly from cooperatives formed by families of rubber tappers to improve their living conditions and protect the Amazonian rainforest. Additionally, various innovative materials conceived in recycled plastic bottles or recycled polyester are used. VEJA sneakers for men and women are produced in high-standard factories in Brazil.

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