Exciting and practical gift ideas and Christmas gifts from Watch Wear lifestyle and concept store
Exciting board games and unique puzzles
Exciting and practical gift ideas and Christmas gifts from Watch Wear lifestyle and concept store
Stylish coffee table photo albums

Unique gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and much more


There’s something so special in giving, and in that pure joy that reflects on the recipient ✨⁠

Take time to understand what your loved ones would value. What they need. What would make their life better. What they would actually use. What would make them smile.

Watch Wear offers a wide selection of original and practical gift ideas. Unique gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and any other occasion. Check out the selection of our gift recommendations below.

Thoughtful and sentimental gift from Printworks Market

Printworks Market is a Swedish design brand that is focused mainly on lifestyle, gifts and accessories. Printworks’ ambition is to turn everyday functional items into a beautiful design piece, but all at an affordable price. Unique accessories, coffee table books, board games and other interior design elements are designed in collaboration with many world-class illustrators and photographers. Stylish and minimalist design that is perfect for every interior and interesting content to entertain the guests.

Printworks Market photo albums, board games and puzzles are perfect as a gift for Christmas that help you slow down and really come together with friends and family this holiday! And as a bonus, all gifts work as an elegant decorative item when not being used. Both a practical gift idea and something beautifully aesthetic.

Fill a photo album with memorable photos for a sentimental gift for family and friends.
Use the metallic photo album pencils to write personalised messages next to the images on the black pages.

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving ❤️

Practical wallets and cardholders from Secrid

Modern industrial design and functional fashion meet in Secrid’s pocket-sized accessories. Secrid’s practical and smart cardholders and miniwallets are made in the Netherlands with the utmost care for quality, people and the environment. The aluminium cardprotector is the heart of all SECRID cardprotectors and slimwallets, it protects your cards from bending, breaking and any unwanted wireless communication. All wallets are made of leather grown in Europe or high-quality vegan leather.

Secrid wallets and cardholders are a practical and original gift for both men and women. There are 4 main models – cardprotector, slimwallet, miniwallet and twinwallet. All models are available in many different materials and colorways to make sure everyone finds the right one for their taste.

Steamery Stockholm luxury garment care products

Steamery Stockholm’s mission is to make it fun, easy and accessible for everyone to take better care of their clothes. They make innovative garment care products that help you pamper and care for the clothes you already own and love, rather than buying new stuff.

Steaming will smooth out wrinkles, reduce bacteria and prolong the life of your clothes. Their garment care concept goes beyond the steamer, offering a full range of products like fabric shavers, brushes and Detergents. Gentle, yet effective fabric shavers remove lint and pilling from all kinds of garments. It’s the complete kit you need for taking care of your garments. Steamery Stockholm wants to inspire people to take better care of their clothes, because with the right care the clothes last longer.

Fun and original gift sets and socks from Happy Socks

A pair of colorful socks and a really cool designed gift set from Happy Socks will help add sparkle to any outfit and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Wide selection of special themed gift boxes for every occasion, including Christmas, Father’s and Mother’s day, Birthdays, New Year and much more.

The socks are made of combed cotton, which ensures their good durability and the highest quality. Selection includes sizes for men, women and children. Hundreds of different colorways and unique patterns for every taste.

Rains waterproof winter accessories, bags and apparel

Rains is a high-quality Danish fashion brand for rainwear and waterproof accessories, which are designed for the cold and rainy Nordic climate. All products are made of 100% vegan waterproof PU material. Rain jackets, winter coats and backpacks are generally unisex and suitable for both men and women. Influenced by its Scandinavian heritage, the brand practices an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance.

A highly valued and loved brand in the fashion world that has found its place even at high-class fashion weeks. The brands apparel, rain jackets and accessories have a minimalistic and clean design that makes them suitable for every occasion. Rains has expanded its product range from rainwear and offers a wide selection of winter clothing and accessories like gloves and winter hats.

Practical gift ideas from Watch Wear selection Blog Watch Wear
Practical gift ideas from Orbitkey

Practical gift ideas from Orbitkey

Orbitkey keychains and key organizers are inspired by modern lifestyle and contemporary industrial design. Obritkey has a simple idea – to solve the frustration we all have with our noisy pockets, messy keys and confusing keychains.

A wide range of combinations to easily find the best solution for organizing your keys. The product range includes many different accessories such as memory sticks, bottle openers and much more. Orbitkey’s innovative bluetooth-enabled tracker helps you to locate missing keys. The brands new gift sets are an aesthetic and practical gift for both men and women.

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