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We first started with the idea of selling quality and affordable wrist watches for both men and women. Hence the name – Watch Wear. There were so many great and stylish brands around the world that were not represented in our market. We wanted to fix that problem.

Triwa is one of our first brands and one of our signature brands. Triwa’s watches make a bow to Scandinavian design and minimalism. Stylish men’s and women’s wristwatches designed in Sweden draw inspiration from classic motifs, but in a modern key. Triwa has taken a lead in raising awareness of the worlds major problems by creating a limited collection of signature timepieces. The limited edition Humanium Metal watches are made from confiscated weapons from El Salvador. The Ocean Plastic collection, as the name suggests, are made from ocean plastic. The world’s first collection of colourful statement watches made completely from recycled ocean plastic. Designed to highlight the critical health of the oceans and generate money for a continuous ocean clean-up.

Kapten & Son watches are the favourites of many famous influencers and are embraced by thoughtful design.