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Happy Socks | Colorful socks, underwear and gift sets | WATCH WEAR

Happy Socks cheerful, colorful and unique socks, underwear and gift boxes! A pair of colourful socks will bring on a smile and help spread happiness and joy all over the world. Wide selection of men’s and women’s socks made from quality combed cotton. Kids socks and tights are made from combed or organic cotton.

Original gift ideas for every occasion! We guarantee that you will find the perfect gift from our wide range of gift sets for any anniversary and event and for every taste. Be it a birthday or Christmas, Father’s or Mother’s Day. Gift sets have different seasonal themes and a variety of sizes and shapes.

Limited quantities special collections have been made together with very big names such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Andy Warhol and many others. Watch Wear is the official reseller of Happy Socks.