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Steamery Stockholm | Garment care products | Hand steamers, fabric shavers and laundry detergents | WATCH WEAR

Steamery Stockholm’s mission is to make it fun, easy and accessible for everyone to take better care of their clothes. Their clothing care products combine high technology, high-quality ingredients and a minimalist design. The brand wants to inspire people to take better care for their clothes, because with the right care, clothes last longer and thus help reduce overconsumption. The brands innovative garment care products help you pamper and care for the clothes you already own and love, rather than buying new stuff.

Steamery selection includes two generations of steamers – the Cirrus no.2 steamer and the 2-in-one Cirrus no.3 steamer and iron. The steamer gently removes wrinkles from clothes, reduces the number of bacteria living in fabrics by up to 99% and prolongs the life of fabrics. With the help of the steamer, you can reduce the number of washings of clothes, as hot steam also removes odors.

Stylish fabric shavers easily and gently remove the accumulated fabrics on the clothes. Fabric shavers are suitable for use on almost all different fabrics, but be sure not to use excessive force. With the fabric shaver, you can rejuvenate your sweaters for each season and remove previous wear marks.

Steamery range also includes a wide range of care products for clothes. The brand’s laundry detergents are designed to nourish and care for clothing fabrics and colors. When washing, make sure you use the right tools. In order for white clothes to stay white longer, a special laundry detergent designed for white fabrics must be used. Steamery range also includes dryer balls, clothing brushes, cleaning rolls and other clothing care products.

With the Steamery product range, everyone becomes a true clothing care expert.