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Men’s pants | Trousers, sweatpants and shorts for men | WATCH WEAR

From WATCH WEAR selection of men’s bottoms you will find a suitable model for a polite meeting as well as Rains waterproof rain pants for rainy weather.

Colorful Standard organic cotton men’s sweatpants and joggers are suitable for training, home activities and even for work. Colorful standard expanded their selection and now offers a wide selection of breathable and comfortable organic cotton shorts.

Inspired by street fashion and extreme sports, Deus Ex Machina offers men’s trousers and shorts. Deus is highly valued by all extreme sport enthusiasts. Deus ex Machina is a step bigger than a brand: it’s a culture.

Thinking MU jeans are made of innovative hemp denim and all of their pants and trousers for men are made from organic cotton or a mixture of recycled materials.