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Women’s winter jackets and coats | Warmth in extreme conditions | WATCH WEAR

High-quality and durable winter outerwear for women. Most of our winter jackets are unisex and fit both for men and women.

Rains Puffer jackets and long jackets are made from a breathable, yet waterproof fabric. Designed with seamless woven chambers, the Long Puffer Jacket features featherless insulation, providing warmth in extreme conditions. All Rains’ puffer winter outerwear is 100% vegan thanks to the Plant based Sorona® insulation by DuPont®. All puffer jackets are crafted with stainless steel and durable rubber trimmings, welt pockets, a padded hood and coated in Rains signature matte PU and limited special collections have a shiny or holographic finish.

Rains Glacial outerwear series utilises a thick and durable twill fabric, waxed in waterproof PU. Each piece from the category is heavily padded with a featherless insulation and constructed in sturdy, workwear-inspired silhouettes. This collection is Rains’ minimalist and modern take on workwear. All parkas, winter coats and winter jackets are unisex and fit perfectly both for men and women.