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Printworks Market Play Four in a Row with a new aesthetic twist looking equally good played or displayed. The game is all made of lacquered wood, including the 42 playing discs (21 of each colors). Comes with easy to read instructions in English, French and German. Recommended for up to 2 players and ages 4+

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Details: Width 26,3cm, Height 19,8cm, Depth 1,8cm

Weight: 0,8kg

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Four In A Row has been a go-to family favorite for decades. To beat your opponent and win the game, you’ll need a great strategy and a little patience.


  1. Set up your board and distribute the checkers to both players.
  2. Flip a coin to decide who goes first.
  3. Take turns dropping the checkers into the slots, attempting to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line out of 4 checkers of your colour.
  4. Use your checkers also to block your opponent’s lines of 4.



  1. If you are the first player to go in the game, your initial move can actually dictate the entire game.
  2. If you are opening the game, the best move is to place your checker in the center column. By doing that, you made it much more difficult for your opponent to counter your moves and your chances of winning increase.
  3. When you have the second move of the game, you’re on the defensive side, so it’s more difficult to win.
  4. If your opponent places their checker in the center column to open the game, don’t place yours in the same column, that doesn’t give you any strategic advantage.
  5. Your best bet is to place your checker in the bottom row in one of the other columns and hope that the other player makes a mistake.
  6. If your opponent doesn’t place their checker in the center column with the first move, that should be your initial move because the space offers the best advantage in the game.


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