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Women | Women’s clothing and accessories | WATCH WEAR
Watch Wear women’s clothing selection is constantly updated and we will be the first to have the newest collections from all of our brands available in our stores. We are the official distributor and reseller of our brands.
Our stores and online store have the largest selection of Rains rainwear and accessories in Baltics and Finland. Rains is a high-quality Danish fashion brand for rainwear and waterproof accessories, which are designed for the cold and rainy Nordic climate. All products are made of 100% vegan waterproof PU material. Rain jackets, winter coats and backpacks are generally unisex and suitable for both men and women.
Eco-friendly and sustainable brand Thinking Mu promotes a healthier way of consumption and from their collections you will find a unique selection of blouses and dresses for women. All materials used in production are of organic origin or recycled. The share of clothing and accessories made from organic hemp in their product range is growing. Each collection from Thinking MU tells a story. This story is represented in the patterns on their sweaters and as a message on T-shirts.
Colorful Standard offers a wide range on everyday essentials. Their classical and colorful merino wool jumpers and organic cotton t-shirts are an essential element of every wardrobe. Merino wool is the favourite fabric for sport- and outdoor enthusiasts. The natural fiber is soft and breathable. Known for its moisture-wicking qualities, so it doesn’t smell, even after multiple uses. Merino is also water-repellent. It soaks up to 30% of its weight still feeling dry because of the fiber scale structure. It warms in cool temperatures, and keeps you cool in warm temperatures.
Check out our wide selection of women’s wear in our online store or at our stores in Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki and Vilnius.

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