What is our story and why the sustainable road?

What is our story and why the sustainable road? Blog Watch Wear
We care about people and the environment

What is our story and how sustainable we are?

In today’s consumer society, there has been a significant change in people’s consumption habits. We are increasingly monitoring the impact of our consumption on the environment and paying attention to the origin of our products.

What is our story and why the sustainable road? Blog Watch Wear
What is our story and why the sustainable road? Blog Watch Wear

Among young and conscious people, sustainability and the story behind the brand is of growing importance, not just the brand itself. In addition to the above, the legacy of these brands to the world has also become an important component. The guiding idea for every brand, and also for every individual, should be, what is your legacy that you leave behind?

WATCH WEAR meets all the conditions that today’s conscious consumers expect from a brand. We are a unique lifestyle and concept store, whose uniqueness and colourfulness lies behind our unique brands.

Our initial mission was to diversify the selection of fashion goods and accessories with new and interesting brands. But something much more significant has grown out of it.

We care about the environment and people. We expect the same from all our brands. We check that the products in our range are produced in accordance with fair trade practices and as sustainably as possible. Since 2016, we have steadily expanded our product range with brands that have met these conditions.

As the official importer of our brands in the Baltics and Finland, we expand the idea of ​​sustainability among our wholesale partners. Through this, we carry out this mission much more broadly, not limited to WATCH WEAR representative stores.

We choose our brands very carefully. Therefore, our product range mainly consist of brands that specialize in specific product groups. This guarantees the best quality.

Our signature brand – Rains – is a Danish brand of rainwear and waterproof accessories that is focused on creating modern weatherproof products. Rains’ raincoats and backpacks are known all over the world for their high quality and stylish looks. The brand creates quality products that are highly durable and manufactured with both the environment and human well-being in mind.

What is our story and why the sustainable road? Blog Watch Wear

The waterproof fluoritate-free PU coat has been specifically selected, since it is significantly more environmentally friendly than the conventionally used PVC and DWR-PFC materials. The thin woven polyester layer, which is the inner layer of the fabric, is completely recyclable. By 2021, their goal is to minimize the use of virgin polyester. A recycled polyester microfiber made of plastic bottles from a closed loop system will be introduced.

What is our story and why the sustainable road? Blog Watch Wear

One of the newest and most colourful members of our WATCH WEAR family is a Danish accessories brand HVISK. A PETA certified 100% vegan brand, with a strong belief in circular economy.

They offer a wide selection of playful and detail-oriented women’s handbags, purses and other accessories. HVISK has set itself on a mission to make tomorrow better. They want to discover new alternatives, environmentally friendly materials and production options without harming any animals.

Their sustainable product line “Responsible” uses an extremely durable and long-lasting material made from plastic waste. Despite the fact that the products are made in China and India, they require their manufacturers to comply with the EU-s REACH regulation and strictly control it.

One of the most important brands that we have to highlight in terms of sustainability is the Barcelona based clothing brand Thinking MU. The brand is a step forward from sustainability and fair trade to full transparency. All products are marked with a special QR code. Scan the code to find out all the information about the ecological footprint and production path of that specific product.

Thinking MU is a real pioneer in the field of sustainability and the circular economy. In addition to organic chemical-free materials, they created a product line called “TRASH”. A part of their zero waste initiative, where new clothing is made from old waste.

The share of clothing and accessories made from organic hemp is growing by each collection. Hemp is a light and breathable, extremely durable material. The plant needs minimal water and fertilizer to grow, does not need pesticides or herbicides, and alkalizes unhealthy soils.

Thinking MU women’s and men’s clothing is safe for both the environment and the skin.

That’s not the end of our list of sustainable brands. Our product range also includes recycled men’s and women’s jeans from MUD Jeans, Triwa watches made of ocean plastic, plant based Le Sustain collection sunglasses from Le Specs, Pinqponq backpacks made of recycled plastic and much more.

Sustainability is one of our key values. Visit our representative stores in Tallinn, Tartu, Riga, Vilnius or Helsinki and explore our entire product range.

What is our story and why the sustainable road? Blog Watch Wear

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