Watch Wear is a unique lifestyle and concept store that offers a wide range of high-quality brands from around the world. Our mission is to diversify the selection of fashion items and accessories to provide sustainable and eco-friendly brands in our market. We offer a wide selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories for men and women. Check out our original gift ideas, home decor, and other design goods in our online store. We select our brands carefully to make sure we only offer the best quality products.
Alpha Industries. Mens Clothing. Meeste riided.

Alpha Industries | Men's military-style lifestyle clothing

Alpha Industries is an American men's clothing manufacturer founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee and specialized in American military style and fashion apparel. Alpha now creates replicas of famous military wear and casual clothing for men that is military-inspired. Best known for B-15 flight bomber jackets, NASA hoodies and t-shirts.
ARKK Copenhagen. Versatile and functional lifestyle sneakers. mitmekülgsed ja funktsionaalsed spordijalanõud.

ARKK Copenhagen | Lifestyle sneakers for men and women

ARKK Copenhagen is a Danish lifestyle brand that designs innovative and modern footwear. ARKK men's and women's sneakers and sports shoes are unique due to their minimalist and distinctive design. The precise and detailed design of the ARKK sneakers ensures maximum comfort for everyday wearing. ARKK Copenhagen iconic first model, Raven, is by far their most popular model.
Bon Parfumeur women's and men's perfumes - luxury unisex fragrances made in France

Bon Parfumeur | Luxury perfumes made from exceptional ingredients

Unique unisex perfumes for men and women from Bon Parfumeur are made in France by a talented team of perfumers. An artistic perfumery born from the desire to create something traditional in a contemporary and creative way. These luxury fragrances are produced from exceptional ingredients. All men's and women's perfumes can be combined and mixed for new unique scents. From Bon Parfumeur 27 eaux de parfums, you can find everything from sweet and flowery notes to intense and spicy fragrances.
CHIMI eyewear – sunglasses for men and women

CHIMI Eyewear | Modern handmade sunglasses for men and women

CHIMI is an independent, Stockholm-based eyewear brand. CHIMI high-quality sunglasses for men and women have conquered the world with astonishing speed. Sunglasses collections are inspired by iconic, classic silhouettes handcrafted from premium Italian acetate. All sunglasses have 100% UVA and UVB protection. By investing in a pair of CHIMI glasses, you actively give back to the planet. The brand invests a portion of the revenue in solar power initiatives that bring renewable energy to where it is needed most. The goal is to fight the issue of energy poverty with solar fueled power in remote areas to promote local businesses, with a strong focus on those led by women.
Colorful Standard Organic fashion essentials. Orgaanilised rõivaesemed.

Colorful Standard | Clothing and accessories made from organic cotton or merino wool

Colorful Standard is a Danish clothing brand whose mission is to change the clothing industry into a more environmentally conscious direction. All Colorful Standard T-shirts, sweaters and sweatpants are made of high-quality organic cotton and accessories like hats and scarves are made of merino wool. A new addition to their collection is trans-seasonal merino wool crewneck sweaters for men and women. Merino wool is perfect to wear in both winter and summer. Merino wool is known for its water repellent properties. It will keep you warm when it's cold outside and cool when the weather is hot. Made in Portugal according to EU standards. The brand donates 5% of its revenue to charity.
Deus Ex Machina men's clothing available at Watch Wear online store

Deus Ex Machina | Lifestyle clothing and accessories for men

The Australian brand Deus ex Machina is strongly affected by extreme sports. Deus offers a selection of men's clothing, outerwear and accessories. Deus sweaters and T-shirts are also popular among women. However, Deus is more than just a brand – it is a culture. Deus custom-made motorcycles and surfboards have become a status symbol, and this status shows that there is always something more fun to do than just own things. Deus is created for adventurous souls.
Happy Plugs Headphones. Kõrvaklapid.

Happy Plugs | Tech accessories, phone cases and headphones

END SALE! All Happy Plugs products 70% off. Happy Plugs is designed in Sweden, known for its vibrant fashion and music scene. The brand was born out of an ambition to make everyday electronic accessories a must-have fashion phenomenon. Pure and elegant, but still fun and affordable. All phone cases, chargers and headphones are uniquely packaged and are perfect as a gift. The range of colours is extensive to allow the wearer to choose an accessory according to the mood, weather, and clothing.
Happy Socks men's and women's gift boxes and socks at Watch Wear online store

Happy Socks | Colorful and fun socks, underwear and gift boxes

Happy Socks cheerful, colourful and unique socks are ideal for men, women and children. A pair of Happy Socks will bring on a smile and help spread happiness and joy worldwide. A wide range of gift sets with different themes and colours guarantees that you will find the perfect gift from Happy Socks gift boxes for any anniversary and event for everyone - be it a birthday or Christmas, Father's or Mother's Day. Limited quantities of special collections have been made together with big names such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Andy Warhol, etc.
HVISK vegan handbags, cluthes and accessories now at WATCH WEAR online store

HVISK | Vegan and recycled leather handbags, clutches and accessories

HVISK is a Danish fashion brand created in 2014, which is inspired by the lively streets of Copenhagen. HVISK designs handbags, clutches and accessories that are playful, colourful and detail-oriented, making the wearer's style personal and unique. Their goal is to make tomorrow better, and the first initiative has been to become a 100% vegan brand. They are committed to not using leather materials as they continue to explore new ways to produce and design. HVISK new responsible line is made from recycled materials.
Hysteria by Happy Socks women's premium socks available at Watch Wear online store

Hysteria by Happy Socks | Premium women’s socks

Hysteria is the first Happy Socks premium sock brand entirely focused on women's formal high-fashion socks. Hysteria wants to breathe life into an often overlooked accessory, creating outstanding design patterns that add spice to a routine look.
Kapten & Son stylish men's and women's backpacks

Kapten & Son | Modern and feminine bags, sunglasses and watches

Kapten & Son is a unique German fashion brand with a selection of backpacks, watches and sunglasses. All bags are made from vegan or recycled materials. The brand's mission is to support its adventurous wearers on their adventures around the world. Kapten & Son thoughtfully designed, stylish and durable accessories are your reliable companion for all your adventures.

La Boucle | Innovative universal belts for men, women and children

La Boucle is an innovative belt that ensures comfort in every situation. La Boucle belt lets you be authentic and does not compromise on style. One belt that is suitable for men, women and even children. La Boucle plants one tree for each belt purchased, and for the brand, it is essential to keep the production as sustainable as possible. The products are packed in stylish recycled packaging, which is ideal as a gift.
Le Specs men's and women's sunglasses and blue light glasses now at WATCH WEAR online store

Le Specs | Iconic sunglasses and blue-light glasses

Le Specs fashion-forward iconic sunglasses and blue-light glasses are designed with quality, innovation and technology. Whilst maintaining an affordable price on all of their fashion accessories. With a focus on excellence and value, every pair of Le Specs women's and men's sunglasses are hand polished and comprehensively tested to comply with strict international standards. Fitted with lenses that filter out 100% UVA / UVB / UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.
MUD Jeans men's and women's jeans made from recycled and organic cotton. Sustainable, circular and simple.

MUD Jeans | Recycled jeans for men and women

The new era in fashion and production of men's and women's jeans. MUD Jeans is an exemplary circular fashion company that consistently practices circular economy principles. In circular design, simplicity is the key. Two primary materials go into every one of their fabrics: organic cotton and recycled cotton. All because they want the future generations to enjoy this planet as much as we do! You can find everything from straight to expanding cuts, skinny to wide cuts, shorts and long pants, mom jeans, and even skirts from their selection. Sustainable, recycled and 100% vegan jeans for men and women.

Orbitkey | Key organisers, office supplies and other accessories

Orbitkey keychains and key organisers are inspired by modern lifestyle and contemporary industrial design. Orbitkey has a simple idea - to solve the frustration we all have with our noisy pockets, messy keys and confusing keychains. There is a wide range of combinations to find the best solution for organising your keys. The product range now includes a range of office supplies and accessories such as desk mats, desk organisers, and more.
pinqponq Recycled plastic backpacks, waistbags and accessories. Ümbertöödeldud plastikust seljakotid, vöökotid ja akssesuaarid

Pinqponq | Bags, backpacks and other accessories made from recycled plastic

Pinqponq has been producing high-quality bags, backpacks and accessories with a better future in mind. All bags are made of 100% recycled PET bottles, and the brand is part of the Bluesign® system, which means that no toxic chemicals are used in production. Pinqponq backpacks and waist bags are suitable for everyday use. Show that you care about the impact of your consumption on the world and be environmentally conscious with Pinqponq.
Printworks Market board games, coffee table photo albums and other accessories available at Watch Wear online store

Printworks Market | Coffee table photo albums, board games and other accessories

Printworks Market is a Swedish design brand focused mainly on lifestyle, gifts and accessories. Printworks' ambition is to turn everyday functional items into beautiful design pieces at an affordable price. Unique accessories, coffee table photo albums, board games and other interior design elements are designed in collaboration with many world-class illustrators and photographers. Printworks Market's signature product is by no doubt their stylish coffee table photo albums.
Quay Australia sunglasses and blue light glasses available at Watch Wear online store

Quay Australia | Sunglasses and blue-light glasses for men and women

Quay Australia designs ultra-stylish sunnies in a sunny Australian paradise. Born roadside on the festival circuit, surrounded by music artists and festival goers who inspired Quay Australia to create cool affordable sunglasses for men and women. The selection includes classic aviators, ultra-modern sunglasses, and blue-light blocking glasses suitable for working with a computer. In collaboration with several world-class stars, they design original, trendy and bold men's and women's sunglasses.
Rains men's and women's rain jackets, winter jackets, waterproof backpacks and accessories at Watch Wear online store. Official reseller!

Rains | Stylish rainwear, outerwear and waterproof accessories

Rains is a high-quality Danish fashion brand for rainwear, winter jackets and waterproof accessories. All are designed for the cold and rainy Nordic climate. Most of the brand's products are made from 100% vegan waterproof PU material. Rain jackets, winter coats and backpacks are generally unisex and therefore suitable for men and women. Influenced by its Scandinavian heritage, Rains practices an uncompromising approach to simplicity that is as equally rooted in functionality as it is in relevance. Rains is a highly valued and loved brand globally and has found its place even at high-end fashion weeks. Rains expanded its product range from rainwear to offering a wide selection of winter jackets and accessories like gloves and hats. The brand emphasises the ambition to make its product offering highly relevant 365 days a year – whatever the forecast.
Secrid small wallets and slimwallets. Miniwallet, twinwallet, slimwallet, cardprotector. Nutikad ja praktilised rahakotid meestele ja naistele.

Secrid | Smart cardholders and compact wallets

Modern industrial design and functional fashion meet in Secrid's pocket-sized accessories. Secrid's practical and smart cardholders and compact wallets are made in the Netherlands with the utmost care for quality, people and the environment. The aluminium card protector is the heart of all Secrid cardholders, Miniwallets and Slimwallets. The Cardprotector protects your cards from bending, breaking, and unwanted wireless communication. All wallets are made of leather grown in Europe or high-quality vegan materials. A better world starts in your pocket.
Steamery Stockholm garment care products available at Watch Wear online store

Steamery | Luxury garment care products and detergents

Steamery Stockholm’s mission is to make it fun, easy and accessible for everyone to take better care of their clothes. They make innovative garment care products that help you pamper and care for the clothes you already own and love, rather than buying new stuff. Steaming will smooth out wrinkles, reduce bacteria and prolong the life of your clothes. Their garment care concept goes beyond the steamers, offering a full range of products like fabric shavers, brushes and detergents. It’s the complete kit you need for taking care of your garments. Steamery wants to inspire people to take better care of their clothes. Because with the right care the clothes will last longer.
Thinking Mu sustainable clothing and accessories for men and women available at Watch Wear online store

Thinking MU | Sustainable men's and women's clothing brand

Thinking MU is a Barcelona based fashion brand whose mission is to lead the way towards sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion. Responsibility, environmentally friendly production, and sustainability are closely related to Thinking MU as a brand. The brand puts significant importance on fair trade and safe working conditions. All materials used in producing men's and women's clothing are of organic origin or recycled. The share of apparel and accessories made from organic hemp is growing each season. Each collection from Thinking MU tells a story. This story is represented in the patterns on their sweaters and as a message on T-shirts. Join the fashion revolution!
Triwa Stockholm men's and women's watches and sunglasses. Meeste ja naiste käekellad ja päikeseprillid.

Triwa | High quality watches and sunglasses

TRIWA was born with the mission to create stylish and high-quality watches that symbolises the wearer's good sense of style. Classic silhouettes and modern Scandinavian simplicity are the inspiration for Triwa. The brand also offers trendy sunglasses and jewellery. In addition, Triwa has undertaken a mission to address critical humanitarian and environmental issues. Their recent collections include Humanium watches made from fused weapons confiscated in El Salvador and watches made from ocean plastic.
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