Pilo No. 2 Fabric Shaver Sage


Representing the ideal balance between function and aesthetics. Pilo No. 2 Fabric Shaver Sage is gentle yet effective and removes lint and pilling from all kinds of materials. With six precision razor blades and a large shaving area, Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver is stronger and more efficient than other fabric shavers on the market.

Steamery mission is to make it fun, easy and accessible for everyone to take better care of their clothes. They make innovative clothing care products that help you pamper and care for the clothes you already own and love, rather than buying new stuff.


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Pilo No. 2 Fabric Shaver Sage works perfectly on both clothes and home textiles, even the most delicate ones, and also features a new solution that makes it easier to clean the machine from fuzz.

-Easy to clean from fuzz
-Able to shave while charging
-Carefully selected design with two standing positions

-Shaving time: 2 hours
-Charging time: 2,5 hours
-Motor speed: 9000 rotations/min
-Weight: 152 g
-Dimensions: 67x67x93 mm
-Power: 5W

-Pilo 2 fabric Shaver
-USB-C Charging Cord
-Cleaning brush

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