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Long Pants – men´s comfortable and unique pants for every occasion.

A great variety of sustainable men´s pants from Watch Wear selection. Colorful Standard organic sweatpants are perfect for everyday wear and are made of 100% organic cotton to keep your conscience clean. All of Colorful Standard high-quality clothing is made under best conditions and are pre-washed so they doesn´t shrink when washed. Thinking Mu pants and trousers for men are made from organic cotton or a mixture of recycled materials. Thinking MU is a Barcelona based fashion brand whose mission is to lead the way towards sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion. The brand puts significant importance on fair trade and safe working conditions. MUD Jeans is creating a world without waste with circular design and simplicity in style.  MUD Jeans for men are a classic fit: seasonless, fashionable and of high-quality.

From Scandinavian brand Rains selection you could choose from wide color range of lightweight regular or rainproof pants- the perfect pants for cyclist or for overall active person who loves to spend time outdoors.

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